Four things to know about the Power BI Content Pack for Project Online

At Ignite 2017, Microsoft presented a great new content pack for the Project Online Power BI combination. And after some initial issues with the launch it’s here to stay! I’m very excited about this new version of the Power BI content pack and I would like to share four things that you might not know yet.

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Book review: Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella

Hit Refresh book reviewHi Readers!

Today I want to share a special book review with you. The book is called Hit Refresh and is written by Satya Nadella. As long time readers know I write book reviews on Project and Project Management every now and then.

This book review isn’t about Project or Project Management directly, but it is written by the current CEO of Microsoft. And therefore has close bonds with the Microsoft Project and Project Online offering.

The book review is also special because it’s a joint venture between me and Cindy a Microsoft MVP for Project. Here is the review. Continue reading Book review: Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella

About StaffHub

So far the new year has been very good. The webinar wrap-up post is hitting solid good numbers and there are new subscribers to the newsletter frequently. Today I would like to share another About post with you. These posts are in depth and on a specific subject. This post is about the application called StaffHub.

the starting screen of Staffhub

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Project Online, Planner & Teams: The winning combination

Hi lovely readers,

The webinarOn the 12th of December 2017 I took a deep dive, into “the world of webinars”! Microsoft offered Projectum and myself a platform to talk about our view on Project Management and the tools Microsoft has to offer.

The webinar was a huge success, with 900+ people signing up and 437 people attending the live show. This article is sort of a wrap up and a “More information” kind of post. If you haven’t seen the recording yet: here’s your chance.

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The VAT liable resources case

I received a question from one of the TPC newsletter members. Rob thanks for this, hope you can use this post for your question. Rob wanted to know how I would approach this situation:

With the projects I work on some costs are liable to a value added tax charge and others are not.  How do I get Project 2016 to calculate VAT on those charges to which it applies while omitting it from those which do not so that I get an accurate overall cost budget.

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About the Tracking Gantt view

Tracking GanttToday I would like to take you on a tour around one of the most useful views in the Microsoft Project Client. The view is called the Tracking Gantt and it contains vital information on the health of your project and it’s progress.  Continue reading About the Tracking Gantt view

The deal with Project Failure

Project failure iconLet’s take a moment to zoom in on a dark part of Project Management. A part where most PM’s will get nightmares or quickly look away. I’m talking about Project Failure.

To look closely at the subject I give my own opinion but I also gathered information from other great blogs, video’s and books to give you a nice overview on Project Failure. Continue reading The deal with Project Failure

Microsoft Project Budget templates

Hi readers,

TPC Budget templateHow to create a great schedule that will also be accurate enough for the project budget? And are there any templates for the project budget around?

Let’s explore the different aspects of a budget, see if there are any templates already available and create a template that you can use.

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Book review: Being a Project Manager

A TPC Book reviewHere’s another book review. And let me tell you, Being a Project Manager is a unique book, in a good way.

It’s been a while since I wrote a review or even read a Project (Management) related book. Just in case you are new to TPC, it’s a hobby of mine to review books on Project (management). The last book that I reviewed was the GAO schedule assessment guide. This time I’m going to review a book not related to the tool, but what it is to be a Project Manager.

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